That has nothing to do with him.

I loaned Kayvan some money.

Mr. Hoshino is hard to please.

It's nice today.


Ah, so *that*'s your sister.

Write with your left hand.

We must always be prepared for disasters.

Mike didn't join the practice yesterday.

I wonder if Prince William lets anyone call him Bill.

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Wilmer smiled when he saw me.

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The little girl did nothing but cry.

I don't even know you.

This meat has gone bad.

Have you ever sharpened this knife?

The committee consists of five members.


Only a few understood what he said.


The man who lives next door to me is a doctor.

The notice says, "Keep off the grass".

Next time, I'm coming, too.


I really had a good time today.


I don't understand why people idolize criminals.

We prefer to do our own work.

Grace helped Danielle out of the rowboat.

We can solve this.

It's a girls' night at the disco bar.

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You are good in listening, why don't you shut up?

I am allergic to analgesics.

Winter was long here and summer short.

You have gone too far.

At least he shook your hand. He didn't even look at me.

Since Vice is a bartender, he uses an ice pick every day at work.

This was all a misunderstanding.

I haven't written to Wendell in a long time.

A large bird landed on the windowsill.

Your daughter isn't a girl anymore.

How am I going to compete with that?

Rodent wants to know how he can gain weight.

Mysore is proud of Floria.


I've decided to do the same thing.

You buried nothing.

Srivatsan showed me around.

The poor are getting poorer.

I promise you'll be happy.


Well, I liked the work on the farm.

His leg was bitten by a crocodile.

Isn't it cool?

No wonder people drink.

You've got to tell somebody.

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Magnus said he saw Michael yesterday.

She prefers quiet music - the baroque, for example.

Karaoke, TV games, videos and a fridge ... love hotels nowadays really have everything.


The snow that accumulated in the streets blocked traffic.

My mother disapproves of too much exercise right after lunch.

Children reflect the family atmosphere.

You're attractive.

I'm a reliable and responsible person at work.


I've heard all about you.


We suddenly sighted a school of fish.


Don't accuse others for your own failure.

Who else is in there?

Have we met somewhere before?

In order to lose weight, it is best to take up some sport.

Quit screwing around.


I didn't mean to embarrass you.


You can see the Empire State Building from here.


Whatever you do, don't tell Helge you're too tired to help.

They're small.

Your telegram arrived just as I was about to telephone you.


Mongo's feet are really big.

Tell Spock I'll be there in a minute.

Naoko can run fast.

Don't ever hook up with bad guys.

They said they were dissatisfied with their low wages.

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This won't be the last time.

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What are the most important goals the company has defined for the upcoming year, and how does this role contribute towards achieving those targets?


You couldn't have picked a better spot.

It was the first time I boarded a helicopter.

I wasn't expecting anything.


He promised us his assistance.

I'm very surprised to see that.

I like things to make sense.

Werner wished that he had enough money to retire.

When are you going to return from Milan?

It looks like we got ourselves a little problem.

Many predictions were made, but none of those predictions came true.

Olaf didn't realize what was going on.

What do you want me to ask her?

Do you usually talk to Wolf in French?

I expect that in the far future, you will know about every day.

Oh, is that the way you milk a cow?

Remembering when I dreamt in your arms.


His name is Those and he lives next to the post office.

What will you play for your piano recital?

I'm under the impression that she has fallen in love with me. What should I do?

The parents could not help scolding their little child.

He endeavored in order to do his duty.


I want to go talk to him.


The line is moving very slowly.

Where are the wolves?

I'm getting fat.

He meets his girlfriend on Saturdays.

Pascal works all over town.

Would you like some more orange juice?

He has money, but he's not happy.

He is old.

Marnix is a short, heavy man.

Charlie wanted sympathy.

From here on out you'll be on your own.

Don't you just love it?

If you will help us, we will be very glad.

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Let's play some cards.

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I still want to hear Joachim's opinion.

The novel, the author of which is a famous singer, is selling well.

Laurie's family lives in Brisbane.

If you advise me to change the sentence, I'll do it.

Maybe I overdid it.

That's not my signature.

Ranjit gave Gideon something hot to drink.

Which is new?

Now that the boy was five, they had to think about which school to send him to.

Isaac should've finished his homework by now.

I came here with Kee.

My mind is at ease believing you'll keep the secret.

Kazuhiro is just getting off the bus now.


In that kind of case, it's best to make a trial of drawing up a budget.

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Click on "save" to begin the download.


I want to eat Korean food.

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He has an unusual ability in English.

I've been in New York once.

Vice doesn't deserve this.

I saw her somewhere two years ago.

Margie will definitely be missed.

Are you loyal?

What do you call this animal?

Neil advised Belinda not to go there by herself.

In life as with omelets, the timing is important.

You've said nothing so far.

A small gear is missing here.

Could you please pull the weeds and water the flowers?

Everyone left except Carole.


That's all we can do for now.

I didn't rob any bank.

That city has a very interesting past.

You should tell Plastic that you love her.

I won't eat this.

I promised not to tell him.

What the hell does he know about that?

The boss put me in charge.

Someone's talking.

I don't know what, but I felt in my heart something that gives me the chills.

I'm not done with you.


The baker is a good man.

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Stop the persecution!

I made that.

Root beer is considered a classic American carbonated soft drink.

Her job is to type.

I hope we find her.

Philip still believes in trickle-down economics.

Do you remember any words in Finnish?

I guess a kiss is out of the question.

There is just enough light to read by.


A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

The rumor cannot be true.

I'm going to try to lose a little weight.